Top 10 accomodations LUDERNA 2024

Last edited March 8, 2024.

As a milestone each year, we launch the ninth edition of our most consulted eBook: the ranking of the Top 10 LUDERNA accommodations that have conquered the hearts of our clients in the last year.

At LUDERNA we want you to enjoy an exceptional stay. We are committed to providing you with an experience that makes you feel at home during your vacation. We strive to take care of every last detail so that you can sleep in the house of your dreams.

Download now our eBook with the best-rated accommodations and discover the ideal apartment for your next getaway.

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eBook gratis: Top 10 accomodations LUDERNA 2024 by Luderna

What will you find in our guide??

The opinion of our clients is essential to offer you a quality service, and all the comforts that you and yours deserve. In this eBook, we present the scores and evaluations recorded for each of the homes with information collected from our own rating system and from different OTAs such as Booking, Airbnb and Holidu.

Discover the special mentions that each of them has received!

Best rated apartments 2024:

  1. Orri A8
  2. De Comicha, Val de Ruda A203
  3. Deth Tiller
  4. Manaud, Val de Ruda A30
  5. Mirador de Aran
  6. Corilha
  7. Sant Marti XII
  8. Amitges
  9. De Marimanha, Val de Ruda E4
  10. Dera Artiga, Val de Ruda B17

Which of these accommodations have you already enjoyed?

Special mentions 2024:

  • Deth Bisbe
  • Moncasan
  • Tuc der Òme, Val de Ruda C12

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